• Mr. Brown Green Team English Language Arts

    Grade 8, 2018-2019 Green Team
    Read for twenty minutes each night!
    Week of June 17
    Mon. Go over test from last Friday. Finish taking notes for the final exam on a 3x5 note card.   HW: finish the corrections for this test.  They will help you study for the final exam. Review the literary elements and the grammar & editing worksheets from last week.
    Thursday afternoon: Final exam.  Bring a pencil and a pen.
    Week of June 10
    Mon. Field Trip to Darien Lake
    Wed. Quiz on Much Ado. Grammar and Editing Review Sheet, HW: finish
    Fri. Test on Editing and Literary Elements. Notes on the exam essay. Turn in your 3x5 card of these notes on Monday.
    Week of June 3
    Mon. Review these IR literary elements examples for your IR project due tomorrow.
    Tues. Hand in IR. Read 121-131. Begin article of the week: Maxims for Understanding Society in Much Ado.
    Wed. Malapropisms. Read up to p. 139 in Acts one & two.
    Thurs. Read up to p. 157 in Act three.
    Fri. Hand in article of the week; continue reading Act 4, scenes 1 & 2. Answer these questions
    p. 167 (lines 100-108) Does Claudio still love Hero? Why or why not? 
    p.169 Leonato wants to kill his daughter. Why? Does Leonato still love his daughter? (lines 130-139)
    p.171 Why does the Friar think that Hero is innocent?173 What will Leonato do if Hero is guilty? And what will he do if it turns out that Hero is innocent?
    p.179 Why does the Friar insist on faking Hero’s death? In other words, what is the Friar's ultimate goal? [Hint:  reputation or honor should be part of your answer].
    p. 179 (283-287) To “protest” or swear an oath was a serious matter during this time. Does Beatrice actually swear an oath that she loves Benedick? What does she demand of Benedick to prove his love for her?
    p.181 Who is Count Comfect? How do men typically behave according to Beatrice?
    Act 4, scene 2. Why is this scene so funny? How does Dogberry insult himeself?
    Week of May 27
    Mon. Decoration Day.
    Tues. Much Ado Acts 1 & 2, read up to p. 87
    Wed. Loaded Words, see ELA Text Pack p 18-19. Answer these questions:
    81. Why is Claudio jealous?
    83. [lines 326-330] What does Don Pedro offer to Beatrice? What is her answer? Why?
    85. What is Don Pedro's plan? Why is it "Herculean"?
    86. Who will be the new god of Love?
    Thurs. Literary Elements Practice for Much Ado .Finish Act 2, read up to p. 111
    Fri. Sustained Silent Reading
    Week May 20.  Consult the Audiobooks pages.
    Mon. Read aloud pages 26-39 in Much Ado I and II.
    Tues. Answer these Much Ado questions from scene 1.
    Wed. Read aloud pages 40-53.
    Thurs. Read p. 54 - 60 in Much Ado
    Fri. Answer the questions from these pages:
    1. What is Beatrice’s view of parents’ arranging their children’s marriage?
    2. In your own words explain the connection between courtship (wooing) and dancing according to Beatrice.

         68-70. Does Beatrice recognize Benedict beneath his mask? Why or why not?

    1. (lines: 278-282) [Backstory] What can you infer about a previous relationship between Beatrice and Benedick based on these lines?
    Week of May 13
    Mon. Finish D, E, F  from Sentence combining practice
    Tues. Review for Sentence Combining Test tomorrow. HW: Finish More Sentence Combining Practice.
    Wed. Sentence Combining Test
    Thurs. Study the first 20 panels of this  Shakespeare Power Point.
    Fri. Read this  Much Ado plot summary about Shakespeare's play
    Week of May 6
    Mon. Review these Notes on participles, verbs, phrases, clauses. Use this Quizlet :Proverbs 43-90 .
    Tues. Quiz on Proverbs 43-90. Worksheet on phrases, clauses, particples,etc.
    Wed. Finish yesterday's worksheet. Finish D from Sentence combining practice .
    Thurs. Field Trip
    Fri. No Classes. Continue reading your IR and looking for literary elements.
    Week of April 29. Find a new IR book for May!
    Mon. Work on April IR Proverb Project . HW: Finish and prepare short book talk.
    Tues. Present IR Proverbs to class: genre, characters, setting, and two of the proverbs.
    Wed. & Thurs. Review proverbs. Quizlet proverbs 1-42 . HW: Bring in IR book for May
    Fri. Quiz on Proverbs 1-42.  Present May IR book choiceNotes on participles, verbs, phrases, clauses . Do A, B, and C on this sheet: Sentence Combining Practice.
    Week of April 14 IR Project Proverbs
    Mon. Important Passages in The Book Thief
    Tues. & Wed. Watch Life Is Beautiful (Roberto Benigni). Is the title ironic? Or, is life, in reality, beautiful despite all the suffering?
    Thurs. Go over IR project (due the Tuesday you return).  See the Independent Reading page for examples.
    Week of April 8
    Mon. Book Thief test
    Tues. Finish test; begin researching proverbs, Proverbs for IR project.
    Wed. Continue looking up the meaning of proverbs. (See the Proverb page.)
    Thurs. Share proverbs with the class.
    Fri. No classes. Keep reading your IR book.
    Week of April 1
    Mon. Present IR books for April. The Pod example essay
    Tues. & Wed. State ELA test.  Keep reading your IR book! If you did not turn in The Pod essay, you must do "World without Fish"  instead.
    Thurs. Proverbs: "A leopard cannot change its spots," and #5 on p. 26 of the ELA Text Pack
    Fri. Book Thief Test on Monday! Review Questions
    Week of March 25
    As you read:

    For Each Section:

    • Explain a key word in the title
    • Underline and place a star next to one key sentence or passage
    • Circle all unfamiliar words
    • Identify one literary element:
    1. simile
    2. metaphor
    3. personification
    4. paradox
    5. irony
    6. symbolism
    7. telegraphing
    8. oxymoron
    9. (other)
    Mon. Finish Discussion Question Pt 8, #3
    Tues. Read and annotate The Pod .
    Wed. Brainstorm #53 essay question. Here are some helpful notes: Notes on The Pod.
    Thurs. Finish Pod essay
    Fri. Correct mistakes on last quiz.
    Week of March 18
    Mon. Review these Interesting passages.
    Tues. Reading Comprehension quiz.
    Wed. Sustained Silent Reading
    Thurs. Quiz on Parts 8 and 9. Part Eight Discussion Questions #1-3.
    Fri. Reading Comprehension Quiz corrections.  Did you finish Part 10?
    Week of March 11
    Mon. Short quiz on 5 & 6.  Discussion Questions Part Six, #3
    Tues. Dramatic Readings in groups of 3 or 4
    Wed. Sustained Silent Reading.
    Thurs. Discussion Questions, Part Seven, #1-2
    Fri. Cultural Demonstration.

    Week of March 4

    Mon. Discussion Questions; Part Four, answer #1-2
    Tues. Sustained Silent Reading. Make sure you annotate Part Five properly.
    Wed. Quiz on Part Five annotations
    Thurs. Discussion Questions, Part Five.  HW: Finish reading Part Six
    Fri. Part Six Questions.
    Week of February 25
    Mon. No school: high winds.  Keep Reading Part Four is still due on Thursday!
    Tues. Compare film version with novel.
    Wed. Finish Comprehension Questions, 35-39. Important passages from Part Three
    Thurs. Quiz on Part Four.  Compare notes in the margin.
    Fri. Choral Reading: read passages with a partner using emotion!

    Week of February 11

    Mon. Answer Comprehension Questions #15-19. Look up these passages Interesting Passages .
    Tues. Make sure you the proper annotations in the margins: explaining a key word in the title, identifying one literary element, etc.
    Wed. Reading check for Part Two. Answer questions #20-28  HW: Finish these questions alone
    Thurs. Discuss the Interesting Passages (see the link from Monday) from pps. 83-111
    Fri. Quiz on Part Three

    Week of February 4

    Mon. Read Prologue, the first section "Death and Chocolate" and mark up the text according to the bookmark HW: FANBOYS or Subordinate Conjunctions.
    Tues. Finish Prologue marking up the text.  HW: Read pps. 16-35 marking up the text.
    Wed. Read and mark up the text pps. 36-55 marking up the text.
    Thurs. Answer #1-14 from Comprehension Questions.
    Fri. Reading check quiz on Part One. Examples of "Telegraphing"

    Week of January 28

    Mon. Present IR Artwork in class; hand in the Reflection explaining your three themes.
    Tues. Finish Presentations.  In Sentence Combining Packet do Activity 12. 
    Wed. Snow Day.
    Thurs. Go over answers to Activity 11, 12, and last night's homework Snow Day
    Fri. FANBOYS or Subordinate Conjunctions, finish for HW.  Read Prologue of The Book Thief.  Use your bookmark to annotate right inside the bookSnow Day
    Week of January 21
    Mon.  Holiday in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.
    Tues. Activity 11 in  Sentence Combining Packet . Study the chart on p. 79 first. HW: Finish Act. 11
    Wed. Work on the IR project and your reflection on the themes in your IR book
    Thurs.  Field Trip to Potter Road.
    Fri. Continue presentations. Snow Day.
    Week of January 14
    Mon. Finish Activity 2 in Sentence Combining Packet. Review Theme in ELA Text Pack p. 12-14.
    Tues. Sustained Silent Reading: look for themes in your book.
    Thurs.  Finish corrections for "Christmas" & "Immigration" quiz. Sentence Combining Packet p.73 study the model sentences, then do ex B.
    Fri. Review p. 74 and finish subordinating conjunctions Activity 3.  IR is due January 24. Keep reading!!
    Week of January 7 
    Mon & Tues. I-Ready Testing. HW: Finish Immigration article questions
    Thurs. Go over Immigration questions in class. Activity 1 in Sentence Combining Packet
    Fri.Quiz on Christmas Truce and Immigration articles
    Week of Janurary 2.
    Wed. Read and annotate Immigration article .
    Thurs. Answer questions A,B,C,D,E,F
    Fri. Make corrections from your Omnivore essay


    Important Handouts
    Week of December 17  Begin looking for IR book for January 2!
    Mon. Notes on Omnivore Essay. HW: Finish writing rough draft. Omnivore Brainstorming.
    Tues. & Wed. Type essay in computer lab; revise and edit.
    Thurs. Go over Christmas Truce article.
    Fri. World War I video clip.  HW: Bring in IR book choice for January!
    Week of December 10  Article of the Week:  Christmas Truce article.
    Mon. Fishbowl notes, Fishbowl Discussion Questions. HW: finish the questions given to you.
    Tues. & Wed. Fishbowl discussion: Be prepared to discuss & take notes as you listen. Watch this short video about the Christmas Truce.
    Fri. Collect article of the week on Christmas Truce. Continue Omnivore Essay, Omnivore Brainstorming
    Week of December 3
    Mon. Review for Test; re-read "sidebars" p. 112 & 157. HW: Be sure the short answer questions to Ch 9 are complete.
    Tues. Test up to chpt 15.
    Wed. Sustained Silent Reading.  HW: Finish reading and summarizing the chapters. Using the Index in Omnivore
    Fri. Go over answers.
    Week of November 26
    Mon. Complete CRQ's D and E
    Tues. Vocabulary Review. Quizlet Review for Omnivore .
    Wed. Vocabulary Quiz and one CRQ
    Thurs. Omnivore Charts and Graphs, answer these questions on a separate sheet
    Fri. Rewrite one of the CRQ's: E, G, or H for a quiz grade. Finish the Short Answer questions for chapter nine
    Week of November 19
    Tues. More CRQ's, Do A & B. Complete chapter summaries up to 15.
    Wed. Reading Check up to chapter 15.  CRQ, questions C. Finish Vocabulary and Key Terms
    Thurs. Thanksgiving Day
    Week of November 12
    Mon. No School, Veterans Day (Armistice Day - 100 year anniversary of the end of World War I)
    Tues. Omnivore short answer questions Answer questions for chapters one through four.  HW: have chapter summaries completed for 6-8.
    Wed. Answer questions for chapters five through eight.
    Thurs. Go over chapter summaries up to ch 8. HW: Finish all the short answer questions for chapters one through eight.
    Fri. Reading check quiz up to chapter 11. Fill in Omnivore Key Terms from "subsidies" to "supersize"
    Week of November 5
    Mon. Read Preface and Introduction. How to summarize a chapter. Preface and Intro summaries.
    Tues. No School - Election Day
    Wed. Go over summary of chapters one and two; Chapter Summary Sheet .
    Thurs. Correct "Desert" mistakes. HW: fill in chapter summaries for 3, 4, 5
    Fri. Quiz on chapters 3, 4, and 5.  Omnivore Key Terms.
    Week of October 29  Independent Reading project is due Wednesday!
    Mon. Read and annotate Thanksgiving.
    Tues. Paraphrase each stanza of "Thanksgiving"  Use this link to type up the Worksheet (typing is optional): Novel Worksheet form.
    Wed & Thurs. Hand in IR Worksheet and present short book talk about your book
    Fri.  Quiz on "Thanksgiving"
    Week of October 22
    Mon. Answer the nine questions for  "Wine on the Desert" HW: finish questions
    Tues. Fill in IR Worksheet using "Wine on the Desert" as a model
    Wed. Test on Wine on the Desert:  review the questions and the IR worksheet
    Thurs. Sustained Silent Reading - bring your IR book to class!
    Fri. Personal Narrative Corrections
    Week of October 15
    Mon. Punctuating Dialogue Answers. Copy p. 222 in "Two Tickets to the Big Game," paying attention to the paragraphs and punctuation.
    Tues & Wed. Type up your personal narrative using Google Docs. "Share" the file with me and print out a hard copy.
    Thurs. Read and annotate "Wine on the Desert"
    Fri. Listen to Wine on the Desert audio and answer the questions.
    Week of October 9
    Mon. Columbus Day Holiday. This article of the week Foliage Afire is due Friday.
    Tues. Complete rough draft of personal narrative (500+ words). HW: finish
    Wed. See the Independent Reading page for the IR tasks that are due on October 31.  Correct the "Glowing Beagle" answers.
    Thurs. Punctuating Dialogue . HW: Finish "Foliage Afire"
    Fri. Punctuating Dialogue Answers. Copy p. 222 in "Two Tickets to the Big Game," paying attention to the paragraphs and punctuation.
    Week of October 1
    Mon. Show me your IR book selection for the month of October.  File ELA Text Pack in your 3-ring binder.  Study page one the Elaboration Techniques. Begin Personal Narrative Task.
    Tues. This article on "The Glowing Beagle"  is due Friday.  Identify the Elaboration Techniques used in the three stories, "Papa," "Coaching," and "Two Tickets"
    Wed. Study Mood in ELA Text Pack p. 16. Describe a scene or place so that your description creates a certain mood in the reader
    Thurs. Begin rough draft of personal narrative; identify which Elaboration Techniques you are using. HW: Finish Beagle article. This Quizlet will help you with some of the unusual vocabulary.
    Fri. Hand in "Beagle" article of week; continue rough draft of personal narrative
    "Have you chosen your IR book today?"
    Week of September 24
    Mon. Personal Experience Ideas, choose one topic from 35-1 and write about it (8 to10 sentences). HW: Papa Was an American, due Friday
    Tues. Personal Experience Ideas, choose one topic from 35-2 and write about it (8-10 sent.). Correct mistakes from the "Cliques" article  HW: Finish  Reading Inventory 6, 7, 8 grade.
    Wed. Choose one topic from 36-1 and write about it (8-10 sent.). Read and answer questions on model narrativesQuestions for personal narrative models.
    Thurs. Continue answering questions on model narratives.  HW: Finish annotating and answering questions on "Papa Was an American."
    Fri. Collect homework. Compare your stories and the model narratives.  HW: Bring in your IR book choice on Monday!
    Week of September 18
    Mon. Label your annotations for Reading in the Dark. Be able to identify whether an annotation is a Question, Connection, Prediction, Clarfication, or Evaluation.  HW: Read the Course Expectations 18-19; print and fill out page 4.
    Tues. Quiz on Reading in the Dark. HW: Cliques article due on Friday.
    Wed. Dictation task Walking.
    Thurs. Grammar and literary elements review - pretest.  HW: finish Cliques article.
    Fri. Board (not bored) game.
     Summer Reading Challenge due the 14th!
    Here is the supply list for ELA due Monday September 10:
    (1)    a half-inch binder or a one-inch binder will do
    (1)    pkg. dividers with pockets (four or five dividers will do)
    (1)    dozen pens
    (1)    dozen pencils
    (1)    pkg. lined filler paper (wide-ruled is preferred but not necessary)
    (1)    set of headphones/ear buds


    Week of September 10
    Mon. Bring supplies to class. Study this paraphrase: The Jewel-encrusted Pennant.
    Tues. Make connections between the original text and the paraphrase of both stanzas.
    Wed. Read and annotate Reading in the Dark. Use Stem Statements to annotate. HW: finish reading and annotating.
    Thurs. Listen to audio of  Reading in the Dark excerpt.
    Fri. Answer these Reading in the Dark questions.  HW: Read Course Expectations and bring in Parent Contact Sheet for Tuesday
    Week of September 5
    Wednesday Listen and copy this paragraph on  Sunbathing.
    Thursday Outline the paragraph on  Sunbathing cursive. Fill in the blank  Sunbathing Cloze.  HW: memorize the Sunbathing paragraph by saying it aloud and recopying it. Review this Sunbathing outline.
    Friday Quiz on Sunbathing paragraphHW: for Monday, bring in class supplies


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