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First Grade STEM Project: Penguins

First Grade STEM Project: Penguins
Olivia, Tucker, and Dylan with their toilet paper roll penguins. Mrs. Howard's first grade class did an amazing STEM project. The students learned all about penguins while doing a reading and writing unit where they used technology to research and create a non-fiction penguin book.
To wrap up the project the students made penguins out of toilet paper rolls. The goal was to find the fastest way to get their penguins down the "hill" on their bellies only using string and tape. 
Right: Olivia, Tucker, and Dylan 
Below: Paxton, Dominic, and Vallon 
Bottom: Damien, Hailey, Olivia, and Jaxson
Paxton, Dominic, and Vallon.
Damien, Hailey, Olivia, and Jaxson.